User Experience Methods — Desjardins

Defining best gestures for a banking app

Montreal, QC, Canada — 2018
Marie-Laure Di Fabio
It started as a list of user feedbacks that commenced a debate internally on users NOT understanding the 'swipe interaction' on the Desjardins banking app. We all had our own opinions on the subject based on our views, methods, and notion of the product. I decided collaboratively to create what we called a 'white book' and this book will highlight the best practices and discoveries associated to the UX research lab initiatives.
Users don't understand common gestures like 'swiping and also horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling, and buttons' in the context of a banking app.
A series of prototypes that would be tested with real users in the circumstances of understanding user typical behaviors on a banking app.
Define the best practices that can be used as a source of truth within the business and future initiatives.
My Role
Proposed, designed, and collaboratively manage the test results into sharing recommendations, and takeaways to the business.
Users don't understand common gestures like 'swiping and also horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling, and buttons'


I started by empathizing with what would be the usage of these common gestures, on the 'most-used apps' of the year based on the user base. I started looking at 'Google Maps, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, etc'. With the data collected, I was able to define 'use cases' for the analysis. Once established, I have built a series of prototypes showing contextualized situations related to the banking experience.
  1. Filling a form for a mortgage loan
  2. First onboarding experience on the application
  3. Navigating through your apps portal
  4. Reading a blog article
  5. Dashboard
A series of prototypes showing contextualized situations — Ideation Process
To collect as much as data for the analysis, we worked in collaboration with Tech3Lab which is a UX faculty of the 'Université de Montréal'.
IMG_20180522_145014 2
Desjardins UX Research Lab — 2018
IMG_20180809_153702 2
Tech3Lab from UdeM — 2018


The lab results showed that almost 75% of the members we have interviewed didn't understand the "swiping function to view/favorite all accounts" for three common reasons.
Following this research, the new improvement has been implemented.

Key Takeaways

  • 30% of Desjardins Bank members are people with disabilities related to age group and with natural limitations.
  • The onboarding experience for first-timers was lacking clear guidance on what would be the key features and functionalities
  • The impact of this exercise helped lead to stronger value to user experience methods and their benefits for the business.