This is the recap of our design conference Montreal Meets 3 that took place on last May 27-28 at the TELUS Theatre. What an incredible experience! We hope it was the same for you. We had the chance to meet 11 renowned and kicking-ass designers from different fields of our community.

Photo by Emily Bergeron


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First of all, we would love to thank my speakers for accepting and offering this opportunity. Also send a big shout to our sponsors that helped us through the planning of MM3 and send us the support needed. Big Thanks to Abduzeedo, Lightspeed, MTL Blog, Carbon Ads, StickerMule, Squarespace, Arkuma, Bohemian Coding, Columbus Creative South, Cage App, Moo Cards, Behance, Kai Design, Clébard, Playwho and Design Bureau.

We also wanted to thank our team for their hard work and dedication. Lastly but not least we wanted to thank everyone that believed Montreal Meets since the beginning and still give your support to this community. We wouldn’t be here without you guys. Thank you!


This year for MM3, we went over-the-top with our speakers lineup. We have doubled the amount of creative awesomeness from MMTWO (Montreal Meets 2) and bring some of the most prestigious designers out there.

Montreal Meets 3 Speakers Lineup: James White, Radim Malinic, Dean Bradshaw, Raku Inoue, Dana Tanamachi, Peter Jaworowski, Marcin Molski, Lauren Nicole Hom, Nando Costa, Chuck Anderson, Matias Corea and Julien Vallée

Lauren Nicole Hom | 22 Thoughts from a 22 Year-Old

Lovely and dangerous! Lauren was the youngest of the group and her first public speaking event. A beautiful presentation full of fun facts and amazing typographic works. Remembering us to work smart and hard! She has a really bright future ahead, better watch her out!

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James White | Process: DESTROY

JAMES, James, James. The man. He was premiering his new talk Process: Destroy and again, he rocked that stage with lighting and pure solid performance. With a mixture of his DESIGN RENEGADE talk. It was truly amazing to see the people reactions. It was our honour to have James for the third year at Montreal Meets.

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Do what you want and like but if it’s not working in the long run, change it up. But keep having fun! – James White


Dean Bradshaw | Bring Ideas to Life

Introducing a Photographer for the first time at Montreal Meets, Dean was the perfect choice. His talk was a insight view of his field along with a strong and yet beautiful portfolio. The tone of this talk got people really thinking about the Art of Photography.

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Travelling is an important part of being human. Look for those stories around the world – Dean Bradshaw


Nando Costa | The Anatomy of an Idea

Also introducing Motion for the first time at Montreal Meets, Nando Costa totally charmed the crowd by his versatility. His incredible way of being able to work with any form of media makes him a true master in his craft. Showing videos, techniques and ideas behind every single work was pure genius.

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Peter Jaworowski and Marcin Molski | Ars Thanea

Most of us know about Ars Thanea or at least recognize the style going through the art of this incredible design studio from Poland. Peter and Marcin were totally charming and surprisingly funny. They showed some of their process behind their stunning work with always an amusing story to back it up. They did it with so much flair!

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People need to see what you can do, invest in your portfolio. It Pays! Also talent is not everything, you have to overcome yourself – Ars Thanea


Radim Malinic | When Worlds Collide

For Radim, this year’s presentation wasn’t just about a show-and-tell. He went totally deeper. Everything happens for a reason and that design is all about a purpose. Keeping yourself one step ahead and to collaborate with passionate people is a must in this community. A beautiful and yet very informative insights.

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Raku Inoue | The Journey

It was Raku’s first big presentation and he gave us an amazing presentation on overcoming your fears and that art is something that you do with love. Insights that makes you think about you and your goals. Sometimes to take a break, get inspired and find your path…your vibe.

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Julien Vallée | The Word for Work is Play

From Montreal, his work and art has put him into the big boy’s playground. Working hard is also by playing harder. The mistakes you make are always part of the fun. That sometimes the idea you are looking for is JUST right in front you. Doing motions got Julien the capacity to reach and to accomplish some of his visions.


Matias Corea | Behance

We had the chance to meet and hear the story of the visionary and Co-Founder of Behance. One of our favourites quotes were: “You don’t have to be the best before you try. You just have to suck for a while.” The crowd was stunned by his charisma and learned at some point, when it’s time to innovate, that’s when you take it to the next level.

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Dana Tanamachi | Perfectly Imperfect

Miss Dana. Listening and seeing her work makes typography looks so easy to achieve. But it’s actually not, it’s a lot of practice. A meticulous art on chalk board, an innovative and beautiful way from what we remembered from elementary school. You have to be authentic and be meaningful. The story of where you come from matters, it’s part of your foundation. Explore. Live. Create your story.

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Chuck Anderson | Do What You Love

At the end of Montreal Meets 3, nothing is better to hear the story from the legendary Chuck Anderson. From remembering to be a kid to how to be curious about your surrounding and your daily life. Chuck is took us into another perspective, his artistic accomplishment. Experiment with your work, to get out from your comfort zone, having fun and bringing ideas to life. To do what you love.

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Best Moments: Ars Thanea | More coming soon!

“If you do something for the right reasons, nothing should ever stop you” – François Hoang | Founder of Montreal Meets